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Delivering Global Expertise–Cultivating Regional Presence–Harnessing Local Knowledge

Today with an unrivalled heritage stretching back over 100 years we continue to enhance our global footprint. Our industry knowledge our expertise, people, vast experience, and technology innovation, delivers a broad portfolio of products and services something that our track record shows we do consistently for our customers.

To translate our strengths into a premium service we are in the continuous process of cultivating professional partnerships with our clients, becoming trusted partners and advisors who earn our clients’ confidence through exceptional performance.

In concurrence on being better on account of our customers’ greater sensitivity to local needs, we take a high-touch approach in harnessing local knowledge. Keeping a keen eye on what’s ahead for current and potential clients to better understand the challenges and to translate our strengths as an advantage to them.

Our Strength

Schmidt BioMedTech Sdn Bhd’s leading-edge position is based on our mastery of our clearly defined competencies in product application, engineering and extensive service capabilities. We supply equipment from countries all over the world and on successfully combining them to serve our clients with the best care and consistency.

We remain committed to providing our customers especially in the development of Asian countries with pioneer and leading-edge medical technology while supported by an adroit team of professionals.

Management Team

Schmidt BioMedTech Sdn Bhd management team is composed of talented leaders with a passion for transforming medical, scientific and technology discoveries and development to improve health and lives

Message from Mr. Chris Lee – Regional Managing Director

“At the crux of our efforts is a focus on our people .Cultivating and sustaining a diverse work environment and workforce, is critical to meeting the unique needs of our diverse client base and the communities we serve. Our people are our greatest asset and our business approach is to maintain a happy and well-compensated work force who, in turn, delivers products and services that live up to the company’s standard of excellence.

We take a proactive approach to managing our people through open and transparent processes and respectful communication between managers and employees. We value flexibility in managing performance; recognizing that each agency needs to pursue its diverse obligations in different ways. Through this approach, we develop an effective relationship with our customers to achieve their return on investment.

As an effective team design that has worked well at Schmidt BioMedTech Sdn Bhd’s, the relationship between the groups is formed as:

1. Business Unit

2. Group-Manager

3. Team members (Less than five).

Currently we have 7 Business Units – Medical, Hospital Projects, Surgical, Consumables (Med), Technology, Bio Science and Pharmaceutical. Our team members each average at 15 years experiences with proven skills and management methods to ensure appropriate compliance.

We are explicit in helping our people grow professionally – starting with their orientation and integration into the firm and continuing with ongoing development over the course of their careers. As part of our on boarding process, new hires spend time with our Group leaders who act as mentors, both in formal training and more informally through meetings, projects and daily interactions. This process accelerates their integration into the firm, and provides senior management an opportunity to get to know new hires.

We are ardent of our corporate philosophy: of being reliable, providing personalization and performing professionally, thus, customers trust us.”